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My name is Deena and I live in Canton, Ohio with my  husband, 3 children and my dog Louie. I am a physical therapist and independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.  I love educating people on health and wellness, so that people can live healthier, happier lives. 

My passions include all things home: decorating, cooking, and entertaining.   My latest passion is with essential oils. I started using Essential Oils about 4 years ago and was truly surprised at the health benefits me and my family received.  I saw improvements from drastically improved energy levels, mood support, relief from minor head and muscle tension, digestive support and so much more.

Purchasing a premium starter kit from Young Living was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Initially, I was a bit overwhelmed and needed to educate myself on the health benefits of essential oils. As I began to research, I became more aware and knowledgeable of all the toxic products I was using in my home. This included cleaning products, laundry detergent, fabric softeners and personal care products. The process of eliminating these harmful chemicals out of my home became a priority.  I also, became more adamant about reading food labels.  I began to switch out herbs with vitality essential oils to increase the nutritional value in my meals. I have always loved to cook, so this became a fun way to enliven my everyday meals. 

There is something so special to me about cooking for my friends and family.  I am happiest when I am gathering people around the dinner table, as it  always brings out great conversation and allows us to connect as a family.  Home And Dish will be a space where I can share recipes, decorating ideas, and health and wellness tips.  My hope is that you find joy and value here. 









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  • I’m also interested in the health benefits of the oils. I have seen results from them and want to continue learning the different uses and benefits. Deena not only my distributor but also my daughter also.

    Lorna Brownfield
  • Love it. Will be following you. You must have inherited my love of cooking and baking. Also decorating.

    Lorna Brownfield

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